Since 2008, Appui au développement autonome (ADA) and the Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Network (REDCAMIF) have built a very successful alliance relationship in the region.

With the first Program “Expanding Inclusive Finance in Central America and Dominican Republic”, executed under this alliance in the years 2012-2017, it achieved an important impact on the diversification of sustainable inclusive financial services for low-income populations.

The continuity of this alliance for the years 2018-2021 was structured under the Regional Program, “Improvement of social value added to Microfinance”, which aims to improve the quality of life of low-income population in Central America and Dominican Republic, through strengthening capacities of the microfinance sector as a development tool.

This program combines a pragmatic approach in the development of responsible and inclusive finance, through financial services with added values, that low-income population needs to improve their standard of living, and the development of actions that actors in the sector require to continue strengthening the creation, use and efficient dissemination of new knowledge to improve Microfinance Institutions productivity.

The expected results of the project are:

  1. Promoted the social performance vision
  2. Reduced the transaction costs process for MFI clients
  3. Strengthened capacities of MFI in offering financial services with added values
  4. Strengthened the MFI risk management
  5. Facilitated the transparency and the MFI information exchange
  6. Generated knowledge management capacities by the National Networks and REDCAMIF
  7. Strengthened the capacities of the National Networks and REDCAMIF to support the microfinance sector in the region
  8. Managed alliances and leverage to strengthen Microfinance in the Region.
Digital Transformation

7 Microfinance Institutions have developed their digital transformation strategy

9 Microfinance Institutions have implemented digital solutions

Housing – Water and Sanitation

8 Microfinance Institutions have designed and implemented financial services for Housing and Water and Sanitation

ThematicMicrofinance Institution
Water and sanitationPANA PANA-Nicaragua
HPHES – El Salvador
FAPE – Guatemala
HousingFUSAI – El Salvador
SHARE – Guatemala
Green HousingADOPEM – República Dominicana
Value offer using NFSFUSAI – El Salvador
Rural Finance – Green Finance
Thematic Microfinance Institution
Energy efficiencyBANCO POPULAR – Honduras
FFDL – Guatemala
Green FinancePADECOMSM – El Salvador
Rural Family Business FinancingPILARH – Honduras
Green Livestock CreditSUMA FINANCIERA – Panamá
Green Finance for EcotourismFDD – Guatemala
Green Agricultural CreditCREDICAMPO – El Salvador
Financing of technologies for the production of vegetablesFUNDENUSE – Nicaragua
Promotion of Transparency

Microfinance Portal

Microfinance sector publications

Knowledge management




Quality assessment

Rural Finance and Environment

Social Housing

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