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REDCAMIF since its foundation, has made progress in its institutional development, working for industry specialization at the regional level through the development of programs and projects aimed at promoting innovation in services and financial and non-financial products adapted to the customers’ needs in the urban and rural sectors.

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We provide access to a complete and consolidated platform with a collection of historical information…

This is a digital solution aimed at microfinance institutions and other entities that promote financial health among their…

Green Microfinance

REDCAMIF offers services for the adoption of rural and green finance, under the methodology of …

Virtual Assistants

We support microfinance institutions in the implementation of virtual assistants; tool that brings benefits in order

Technical Assistance Services

Fortalecemos las competencias y eficiencia de las Instituciones de Microfinanzas mediante la capacitación y servicios de asistencia técnica…

Microfinance Internship

The Internship allows an approchement between different actors and the exchange of experiences and new knowledge.

Social Housing

Facilitating access to housing for low-income families in Central America and the Caribbean…


“Throughout 12 years of partnership with REDCAMIF, we were able to develop adapted financial and non-financial products, benefiting over 22,200 low-income families and 96 microfinance institutions”

Laura Foschi

Executive director – ADA

“We agree on the importance of social performance management and above all on our commitment to put the end customer at the center of all our initiatives. REDCAMIF is a very important strategic ally and highly valued by the SPTF”.

Laura Foose

Executive director – SPTF

“REDCAMIF is a key ally to disseminate and implement activities, together we have strengthened the capacities and practices of more than 74 FSP, achieving a high impact for the benefit of customers.”

Cara Forster

Director - FFRI-CAC

I am grateful to REDCAMIF for its support and accompaniment to develop various financial and social projects, aimed at the most vulnerable populations in Honduras, benefiting more than 15,000 rural families and giving added value to our work.

René Banegas

General Manager, PILARH OPDF

“ProMujer is informed and prepared to face challenging environments thanks to the relevant, correct and timely data provided by REDCAMIF and which adds value in our analysis and decision-making processes”.

Gloría Ruiz

Managing director Pro Mujer Nicaragua

“Thanks to REDCAMIF we improved the experience of our 36,000 clients through the use of technological tools; contributing to economic, social and environmental development in more than 500 rural communities in El Salvador”.

Ever Ríos

Executive Director - CREDICAMPO