Green Microfinance

REDCAMIF offers services for the adoption of rural and green finance, under the methodology of consultancies and technical assistance for the adoption of the green toolbox, which contains:

  • Guide for the adaptation of the financial product in the internal processes of the institution
  • Tool for decisions making about granting financing
  • Tool for selecting suppliers and evaluating suppliers of equipment, technologies and technical assistance services
  • Tool for selecting technologies and equipment
  • Technology cards for financing environmental production practices
  • Methodology for the adoption of environmental performance management

The toolbox works to adopt any of the following financial products:

  1. Environmental Productive Credit: Focused on financing agricultural activities that increase income and productivity in agricultural farms through the implementation of productive practices, which generate positive externalities in the environment. Due to the characteristics of this product, the business model incorporates technical assistance to clients, adjusting the service model that the institution wishes to implement.
  • Financial Microleasing: Through this product, two results are achieved: first, financial inclusion, through the acquisition of assets without guarantees and with a purchase option, and two, social inclusion as the transformation factor in the communities through access to leased equipment.
  • Loans for Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Its purpose is to finance entrepreneurship to rural women, who, due to the absence of guarantees or for market reasons, cannot access financing that allows them to scale in their businesses, even when they have experience and market in the activities undertakings.
  • Loan for Energy Efficiency: This product is aimed at promoting the financing of productive equipment that has a double: first, they generate savings by reducing production costs in MSMEs by replacing energy-intensive equipment with more efficient ones; second, they have a net benefit in society through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reduction of the carbon footprint, transformation of carbon storage, among others. The additionality comes in the selection of suppliers and equipment that are decisive in this type of financing.
  • Water and Sanitation: a product aimed at establishing wastewater and sanitation management systems, water tanks, water purifiers, improvement of latrines, drains and and biodigesters. At the community level, sanitary units, water catchment, connection to public drains, water purification.

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