We provide access to a complete and consolidated platform with a collection of historical information and constant updates of the microfinance markets of Central America and the Caribbean that provides inputs for the analysis, reporting, decision-making and negotiating power of the microfinance operators and stakeholders.

  1. Basic plan

The basic plan will provide access to most options of MIFIndex Portal, you will be able to use many benefits and facilities of the web. This plan provides access to regional and national information showing the main financial and social indicators for the last three periods, grouped by categories. In addition, it will provide statistical information on portfolio and clients by economic activity, term, methodology, branch offices and personnel information.

Additionally, users will be able to see institutional data (name, acronym, logo, transparency rating, headquarters city, address, telephone, website, email, executive director and other contacts) of the microfinance institutions, as well as financial indicators and social categories classified by categories for the last three years (scale and scope, portfolio quality, efficiency, financial management and profitability) and access to the library of documents uploaded for each MFI (audit reports, risk ratings, etc.).

The “Statistics and Indicators” menu is enabled for basic plan and gives the user access to all data models (more than ten data models with a set of more than 100 indicators and raw data). Through these models, the user will have all indicators available and will be able to create their own reports, considering period, frequency, category and level (MFI, country or region) of interest. Here you can generate current information or trends. You can download charts and graphs in different formats.

  • Premium plan

This plan is the most complete and provides access to all menus of MIFIndex Portal. Its benefits include those of the Basic Plan and additional access to “Comparisons Menu” in which you can generate comparative analysis between a microfinance institution and different peer groups, created according to the user’s interest. This comparative analysis can be carried out in different periods and for all indicators available on the Portal.

For more information write to us at: y.galo@redcamif.org

Demo – Perfiles

Demo – Estadísticas e Indicadores
Demo – Comparaciones

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