PILARH OPDF in Honduras develops an app for the management of microcredits

The strategic plan up to 2023 – Local projects and initiatives for the Regional Self-Development of Honduras (PILARH OPDF) – envisages the digitization of procedures within the institution. As a result, it called a tender (ADA – REDCAMIF) for a Digital Transformation system that would be easy to implement called “Quick Wins”. These initiatives allow … Read more

The chatbot Silvio as a new digital service for technical assistance

Financiera FDL launched an innovative model of technical assistance that has been active since late 2021 and is available on WhatsApp. The institution provides clients with the digital tools required to adopt ‘smart’ climate practices and offers them on-the-spot 24/7 technical advice on growing coffee and cocoa and stockbreeding. Clients of Financiera FDL using the … Read more

Financiera FDL Nicaragua develops sustainable financial products for stockbreeders

The Central American region is exposed to greater climate risks due to its geographical location, socioeconomic factors and a lack of capacity and resources at the institutional level to mitigate the risk of disasters and help adaptation to climate change. For this reason, ADA and REDCAMIF are carrying out a project to design and implement … Read more