We contribute to the development of the MSME sector through training and technical assistance services to strengthen the competencies and efficiency of Microfinance Institutions.


Financial and social transparency and the generation of information are important tools for all actors collaborating with the development of the microfinance sector. The availability of systematized and updated information facilitates decision-making, market intelligence, creation of strategies and negotiations between microfinance institutions, providers of funds, regulatory and government entities, technical assistance organizations and consultants working for the benefit of the sector in the country.

Information and Analysis

We strengthen the microfinance sector through the generation and analysis of information, research and design…

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We provide access to a complete and consolidated platform with a collection of historical information and constant updates of the microfinance markets of Central America and the Caribbean that provides inputs for the analysis, reporting, decision-making and negotiating power of the microfinance operators and stakeholders.

We provide access to a complete and consolidated platform with a collection of historical information and constant updates…

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Inclusive Financial Services

We provide an inclusive financial services offer designed for populations served by Microfinance Institutions.

Green microfinance

REDCAMIF offers services for the adoption of rural and green finance, under the methodology of consultancies…

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Social Housing

Facilitating access to housing for low-income families in Central America and the Caribbean…

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Financial Education

We promote equal access to innovative non-financial products and services that improve the quality of family’s lives.

This is a digital solution aimed at microfinance institutions and other entities that promote financial health among their clients…

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Value Added Products

We promote equal access to innovative products and non-financial services to improve the quality of family life.

Virtual Assistants

We support microfinance institutions in the implementation of virtual assistants; tool that brings benefits in order to improve the customer experience, streamline processes and have a better market positioning…

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Capacity Building for Microfinance Institutions

We strengthen the capability of microfinance institutions to ensure a quality service supply and apply the industry best practices for low-income populations in Central America and the Caribbean.

Client Protection Assessment

The evaluation presents a diagnosis of the way in which the institution incorporates the Protection Client Principles into its practices…

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Social Audit

We use the SPI4 tool that integrates the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, with these results the institution can…

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Risk Management

We strengthen institutional capacities for risk exposure analysis and evaluation…

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Managerial Coaching

We seek to improve the financial and social performance of the institution, enhance …

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Good Corporate Governance

We support the improvement of Governance processes through a better definition of roles…

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Knowledge management

We organize the Microfinance Internship with the objective of incorporating and learning good practices implemented by successful financial institutions to strengthen competitive strategies and financial sustainability through an exchange of experiences between participants and institutions.

Microfinance Internship

The Internship allows an approchement between different actors and the exchange of experiences and new knowledge.

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