REDCAMIF since its foundation, has made progress in its institutional development, working for industry specialization at regional level through the development of programs and projects aimed at promoting innovation in services and financial and non-financial products adapted to the customers’ needs in the urban and rural sectors.


REDCAMIF aims to develop the microfinance industry in Central America and the Caribbean, through union representation, institutional strengthening, the sustainability of Networks and the generation of strategic alliances, in order to help improve the quality of life of men and women in poverty.


To be the representative organization of the Microfinance Networks of Central America and the Caribbean, with world leadership, with standards of high financial, social and environmental performance, based on principles, values and gender equality.

The Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Network will be governed in each and every one of its actions, and that of its Associates, based on the following values and principles:


• Transparency.
• Solidarity.
• Social justice.
• Gender equality


• Efficiency.
• Effectiveness
• Integration.
• Sustainability.
• Representativeness.
• Diversity.
• Gender approach

Strategic Objectives

Positioning, incidence and strengthening of the REDCAMIF System: strengthen the institutional development, positioning and incidence capacity of REDCAMIF and its affiliated networks in order to expand their impact on the economic and social development of the Central American and Caribbean Isthmus.

Competitiveness and resilience of Microfinance Institutions and Clients: promote programs and projects aimed at the innovation of products and services that promote access, help resilience and improve the quality of life of client families and at the same time the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of microfinance institutions, in order to achieve sustainable financial inclusion.

Sustainability of the REDCAMIF system: guarantee and contribute to the sustainability and institutional permanence of REDCAMIF and the National Networks, through programs, projects and business initiatives, financial mechanisms and the strengthening of operational capacities designed jointly with the National Networks and their institutions of affiliated microfinance.