Good Corporate Governance

We support the improvement of Governance processes through a better definition of roles, information architecture, supervision and control processes, conflict management and decision-making through an operational tool.

The following are the major objectives of the evaluation and accompaniment for improvement of the operations of governance bodies in an MFI:

1. Identify and analyse the critical factors and elements for success in the governance of an MFI.

2. Present instructions and recommendations to accompany the good governance process through a Good Governance Development Plan for the MFI.

3. Provide follow-up and feedback to the Board of Directors and the Management regarding the implementation of the Development Plan.

The MFI’s governance system is adequately and in depth evaluated through the methodology of the governance system structured in four macro-areas:

  1. Roles and responsibilities and composition of the Board of Directors
  2. Information systems
  3. Decision-making, supervision and control
  4. Management of conflict and difficult situations

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