Information and Analysis

We strengthen the microfinance sector through the generation and analysis of information, research and design of tools and products for the monitoring and measurement of the microfinance markets in a periodic and timely manner.

a) Financial Performance Analysis

We evaluate and analyze the current financial situation of the institution, with an analysis of trends and evolution of the relevant financial indicators that will allow institutions to have an external opinion that can be presented to their Board of Directors and Funders.

b) Workshop on the Analysis of Performance Indicators for Microfinance Institutions

Workshop for microfinance practitioners that provides a deeper knowledge about the real financial situation of different organizations and their positioning in the microfinance sector within the country and in comparison with the region; the workshop assesses the financial situation of the country’s microfinance institutions based on maintaining sustainable business models and moving towards them; highlights the advantages of monitoring and analyzing the financial performance indicators of microfinance institutions.

c) Processing and systematization of information

Services that facilitate the work of collecting, processing, analyzing and systematizing financial and social information from financial institutions.

d) Research of microfinance markets

Research and studies on a variety of topics related to the current interest and priorities of microfinance market operators. The objective is to provide critical inputs and elements to donors, investors and public policy makers to respond effectively in segments where more support is required. Likewise, it provides information to Microfinance Institutions about the market in which they operate and in this way contribute to their planning.

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